Staff in front of the Mobile Education KitchenThe James Mobile Education Kitchen (MEK) team of Cameron Carothers, RD, Michael Carnahan, and David Brue taught participants about food science, nutrition, and molecular gastronomy at the COSI Big Science Celebration this Spring. The audience could watch Chef Dave Brue preparing Apple Cider “Caviar” by mixing apple cider with agar agar, a type of plant-based gelatin, and dropping them into cold oil to create spheres. The goal was to teach the audience how to prepare an edible science experiment at home.

 The COSI Event kicked off a busy season of events for the MEK. The MEK traveled all around the central Ohio area, going as far as London, Ohio to teach community members about nutrition and culinary skills for cancer risk reduction. Other events included the Dublin Market, the Bronzeville Grower’s Market, the Farm Science Review, Pelotonia, the James Mac and Cheese Festival, and many more. The MEK team reached thousands of people this season and is looking forward to another busy season in 2023.

Pictured Cameron Carothers, David Brue, Misty McGiffin and Stacy Selvaggio

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